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Welcome to Carter Gospel Fellowship!

Carter Gospel Fellowship is a small, non-denominational church existing to glorify God in the Carter and surrounding community in South Central South Dakota. Sitting between Tripp and Todd County, We are a body of believers worshipping together who love God and His Word. We preach the Bible passionately as we know there is no salvation apart from the gift of grace through faith in the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ.  We are so glad you stopped by to visit our site and hope you join us!

COVID-19 Guidelines for Worship Service 

Guidelines for Carter Gospel Fellowship regarding opening weekly services.


  1. We will thoroughly clean and disinfect sanctuary, fellowship hall, restrooms, and all doors between services along with the normal cleaning of the facility.


  1. There will be an adjusted seating arrangement to provide the 6 ft social distancing guideline. In doing so, we will use alternate pews (every other pews) for each family that attends.


  1. We will discourage the use of pew bibles and hymnals and will have the words up on the screen. The bulletin will be laid out on the pew for you.


  1. While restrooms will be open, we ask that you try your best to avoid them.


  1. During the service, we will not be having our normal greeting time nor will we be passing the offering plate. Instead, we will have an offering box in the back of the sanctuary in which you can drop it in.


  1. We will have hand sanitizer available at several spots in the facility.


  1. We will not be providing refreshments and coffee in the foyer and do ask that you follow safe social distancing if you do mingle with others. If possible, we encourage you to do so outside.


  1. Our Sunday School will still only be via Zoom and will begin at 9:30 -10:10 to allow time for people who want to come to church to be a part of it. This time may change if too much conflict. The worship service will return back to 11:00 AM.


  1. If you are feeling ill, uncomfortable, or at-risk, we ask that you stay home and enjoy worshipping with us via Facebook Live.


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